Why “Going Viral” Doesn’t Make My Top 3 Content Marketing Tactics


I was recently asked to write a guest blog about content marketing with an emphasis on making content ‘go viral.’ However, I ended up declining simply because “going viral” isn’t a goal I commonly have, especially for my small business clients. Content that “goes viral” may be good for a quick boost, but this content […]

3 Things Every Business Needs to Succeed in Social Media

3 thingfs

Social media is a buzz-worthy communications tool that is piquing the interest of businesses across the globe. I’ve worked with dozens of clients and have learned that, in order for the social media hype to successfully meet their expectations, there are some fundamental factors that need to be in place. In fact, these three elements […]

My Top 3 Facebook List building strategies


One of the most effective ways to sell your products online is to using email marketing. Email gives you the ability to build a relationship with new prospects and effectively convert them into new customers. So where does Facebook come in? Facebook provides you great opportunity to find new email subscribers. There powerful ads system […]

Split Testing Like A Boss

split testing

Split testing is what really separates those that succeed on facebook and those who fail. If your not split testing you are paying too much per click, and your going to miss opportunity because you wrote them off as failures before you found success. This key element allowed me to lower my cost per click […]